Lisbon, Law & Tech 2022 | 4th edition | Metaverse, NFTs and Digital Justice

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The Minister of Justice and the judge of the Supreme Court of Singapore responsible for innovation are two of the speakers at the 4th edition of the international event that, in a digital format, connects the sectors of law and technology, between 24 and 27 October.

The 2022 edition of Lisbon, Law & Tech, one of the main international events for technology and law, presents a panel of renowned specialists, from the magistrates to large companies, from law firms to academies.

The Minister of Justice, Catarina Sarmento e Castro, the Judge of the Supreme Court of Singapore responsible for Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Judiciary, Aedit Abdullah, the head of the Crypto and Blockchain area at Banco Santander, Coty de Monteverde, or the former head of innovation at the international law firm Freshfields, Isabel Parker, are some of the speakers at the event.

The themes under discussion with the sharing of experiences and case studies are: Metaverse and Law: Real and Impact Cases; Web3 and NFTs: Myths, Truths and Distortions of Reality; The Path to The Future In Law Firms? The moderators from Abreu Advogados team, will be Ricardo Henriques, partner, Diogo Pereira Duarte, partner, Matilde Mello Cabral, COO, and Luís Barreto Xavier, president of Abreu Advogados’ Knowledge Institute.

“Lisbon, Law & Tech has already conquered a prominent place, nationally and internationally, always with renowned speakers, debating the most innovative things that are being done and projected . The digital transformation of the economy and society has important consequences for justice and law, and the Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute continues to be at the forefront of reflection on the future”.


Lisbon, Law & Tech 2021 | 3rd edition | World leaders in Law and Technology

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International event organized by Abreu Advogados’ Knowledge Institute has its 3rd edition and will take place between October 26 and 29 in a fully digital format.

Roland Vogl, founder and Executive Director of CodeX Stanford, the most influential Law and Technology center in the world, Mary O’Carroll, CCO at Ironclad and former Director of Legal Operations at Google, Simon Chesterman, Director of the most prestigious Law School in Asia, the National University of Singapore, and author of “We the Robots”, and Anabela Pedroso, Secretary of State for Justice of Portugal, are some of the speakers that will participate in this event.

Taking place in digital format from October 26 to 29, “Lisbon, Law & Tech” is one of the main international events on Law and Technology, and will have the participation of some of the leading international experts from the legal profession, the judiciary, academia and the business world.

Each day, a different panel will focus on innovative themes such as Robolawyers, innovation in legal practice, digitalization of Justice, or the global regulation of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The moderation of the panels will be in charge of specialists from the Knowledge Institute and Abreu Advogados: Ricardo Henriques, partner at Abreu Advogados; Matilde de Mello Cabral, COO at Abreu Advogados; Hélder Galvão, of counsel at Abreu Advogados and Luís Barreto Xavier, president of the Knowledge Institute.

“Technological innovation is increasingly central to legal practice and the topic of regulation is increasingly related with digital transformation. The discussion of these topics by world leaders will be of great interest, especially for lawyers, corporate lawyers, magistrates and students”, highlights Luís Barreto Xavier, president of Abreu Advogados’ Knowledge Institute.


26th October, 5:00 pm (GMT+1)

Robolawyers, Lawtechs and the Future of the Legal Profession

  • Roland Vogl, CodeX – the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
  • Mark A. Cohen, Legalmosaic

Host: Ricardo Henriques, Abreu Advogados

27th October, 3:00 pm (GMT+1)

Legal Innovation Trends

  • Mary O’Carroll, Ironclad
  • Ben Allgrove, Baker & McKenzie LLP
  • Moray McLaren, Lexington Consultants

Host: Matilde de Mello Cabral, Abreu Advogados

28th October, 3:00 pm (GMT+1)

Open Justice & Data-Driven Court

  • Isabela Ferrari, Federal Judge, Brazil
  • Bruno Feigelson, Future Law, Brazil
  • Anabela Pedroso, Secretary of State for Justice of Portugal

Host: Helder Galvão, Abreu Advogados

29th October, 3:00 pm (GMT+1)

Global Regulation of AI and Robotics

  • Ugo Pagallo, Universita’ degli Studi di Torino
  • Simon Chesterman, National University of Singapore

Host: Luís Barreto Xavier, Instituto de Conhecimento da Abreu Advogados

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Lisbon, Law & Tech 2020 | 2nd edition | Visionaries and innovators discuss Law and Technology at Abreu Advogados

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Among the speakers are the Briton Richard Susskind, the influential author of “Tomorrow’s Lawyers” and “Online Courts and the Future of Justice” and the American Joshua Walker, author of “On Legal AI”, co-founder of CodeX (Centre of Legal Informatics at Stanford) and Lex Machina (the first Legal Analytics startup). 

What is already one of the most recognised international events about law and technology is organised by Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute with the support of the Católica Global School of Law and ANJAP – Association of Young Portuguese Lawyers. 

Lisbon, Law & Tech presents this year a four day programme in digital format in order to investigate themes such as digitalisation of justice, regulation of Artificial Intelligence, Legal Design and the use of technology in the provision of legal services. 

In addition to Susskind and Walker, speakers include, among others, Meera Klemola, pioneer of Legal Design (Finland), Alexandre Zavaglia, CEO of Legal Score (Brazil), Eduardo Magraniresearcher at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Germany), Dora Kaufman, researcher in Artificial Intelligence (Brazil)and Manuel Levi, CEO of Enlightenment AI (United Kingdom). 

For Luís Barreto Xavier, coordinator of the institute that is organising this event“technology triggers a significant disruption in the practice of law, which is important to understand, discuss and analyse, evaluating its potential and its risks. In the second edition of Lisbon, Law & Tech, that will take place digitally for the first time, we wanted to contribute to this debate with a unique programme that brings together some of the themes that are at the forefront of law and technology and that are of interest to lawyers, judges, legal tech professionals and students. For this reason we’re very happy to have been able to organise this four day conference with some of the major names in areas such as legal tech, legal design and artificial intelligence.” 

Portugal will be represented in the event by Maria dos Prazeres Beleza, vice-president of the supreme court, Carmo Sousa Machado, vice-president of the Portuguese Bar Association, Chairman of Abreu Advogados and Chairman of MultilawRicardo Henriques, Abreu Advogados partner and specialist in IT and protection of personal data, Pedro Barosaprofessional partner in penal litigation ; Helder Galvão, consultant and Luís Barreto Xavier. The event will be closed by Abreu Advogados Managing Partner Duarte de Athayde. 

Lisbon, Law & Tech 2019 | 1st edition | Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the connection between Law and Technology

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the connection between Law and Technology will be under discussion at the 1st Lisbon, Law & Tech Conference, an international event organized by Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute, which will take place on October 29, in the afternoon, at Abreu Advogados’ Auditorium, in Lisbon.

The focus of the conference is on the impact of technology on economy and law. Among the international reference specialists, Daniel B. Rodriguez, president of the American Bar Association Center for Innovation, former Director of Northwestern School of Law, in Chicago, and former professor at Harvard and Stanford, stands out.

The conference is free of charge, with prior registration. Seating is limited to the capacity of the auditorium.