06 Nov 2020
Text by: Lisbon Law & Tech

International digital event Lisbon, Law & Tech is organised by the Knowledge Institute of Abreu Advogados. 

Among the speakers are the Briton Richard Susskind, the influential author of “Tomorrow’s Lawyers” and “Online Courts and the Future of Justice” and the American Joshua Walker, author of “On Legal AI”, co-founder of CodeX (Centre of Legal Informatics at Stanford) and Lex Machina (the first Legal Analytics startup). 

What is already one of the most recognised international events about law and technology is organised by Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute with the support of the Católica Global School of Law and ANJAP – Association of Young Portuguese Lawyers. 

Lisbon, Law & Tech presents this year a four day programme in digital format in order to investigate themes such as digitalisation of justice, regulation of Artificial Intelligence, Legal Design and the use of technology in the provision of legal services. 

In addition to Susskind and Walker, speakers include, among others, Meera Klemola, pioneer of Legal Design (Finland), Alexandre Zavaglia, CEO of Legal Score (Brazil), Eduardo Magraniresearcher at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Germany), Dora Kaufman, researcher in Artificial Intelligence (Brazil)and Manuel Levi, CEO of Enlightenment AI (United Kingdom). 

For Luís Barreto Xavier, coordinator of the institute that is organising this event“technology triggers a significant disruption in the practice of law, which is important to understand, discuss and analyse, evaluating its potential and its risks. In the second edition of Lisbon, Law & Tech, that will take place digitally for the first time, we wanted to contribute to this debate with a unique programme that brings together some of the themes that are at the forefront of law and technology and that are of interest to lawyers, judges, legal tech professionals and students. For this reason we’re very happy to have been able to organise this four day conference with some of the major names in areas such as legal tech, legal design and artificial intelligence.” 

Portugal will be represented in the event by Maria dos Prazeres Beleza, vice-president of the supreme court, Carmo Sousa Machado, vice-president of the Portuguese Bar Association, Chairman of Abreu Advogados and Chairman of MultilawRicardo Henriques, Abreu Advogados partner and specialist in IT and protection of personal data, Pedro Barosaprofessional partner in penal litigation ; Helder Galvão, consultant and Luís Barreto Xavier. The event will be closed by Abreu Advogados Managing Partner Duarte de Athayde. 


Nov 23rd 11:00 (WET) 

Opening | Online Courts and Justice in Times of Pandemics 

  • Richard Susskind (Author, President of the Society for Computers and Law, United Kingdom) 
  • Maria dos PrazeresBeleza (Justice and Vice-President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Portugal) 
  • Pedro Barosa (Criminal Litigation Lawyer, Portugal) 
  • Moderator: Carmo Sousa Machado (Lawyer, Vice-President for Portuguese Bar Association, Portugal) 

Nov 24th 11:00 (WET) 

 Legal Design | Interfaces between Law and Design 

  • Meera Klemola (Legal Design expert, Finland) 
  • Alexandre Zavaglia (CEO, Legal Score, Brazil) 
  • Moderator: Ricardo Henriques (IT Lawyer, Portugal) 

Nov 25th 11:00 (WET) [This session will be held in Portuguese] 

Global Trends and Regulation in Artificial Intelligence [This session] 

  • Eduardo Magrani (Senior Fellow, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Germany) 
  • Dora Kaufman (AI researcher, Brazil) 
  • Manuel Levi (CEO, Enlightenment AI, United Kingdom) 
  • Moderator: Helder Galvão (Of Counsel, Portugal) 

Nov 26th. 11:00 (WET) 

On Legal Engineering | Closing 

  • Joshua Walker (Author, Co-founder CodeX and Lex Machina, Stanford, USA) 
  • Moderator: Luís Barreto Xavier (Coordinator of the Knowledge Institute of Abreu Advogados, Portugal) 
  • Closing words: Duarte de Athayde (Managing Partner, Abreu Advogados) 
06 Nov 2020
Text by: Lisbon Law & Tech